Vérité’s Aims and Objectives

  1. To be a campus for integral learning and living, committed to sustainable principles and a common health-conscious lifestyle, with a modest ecological footprint 

  2. To develop a thriving creative project with an ecological business model with multiple “bottom lines”-- looking beyond profit margins and legal requirements to the health and wellbeing of the human and natural environment 

  3. To establish an integrative, flexible organizational model that facilitates collaboration, transparency and trust, progress and appreciation, productivity and personal empowerment, commitment and accountability

  4. To foster a heart-centered relational culture that supports the integration of all aspects of one’s being and stimulates “community in diversity” among guests, students, staff, volunteers and Aurovilians 

  5. To offer a learning environment for research and practices, in all aspects of life (environment and health, business and finance, governance and management, community and relationship, culture education and arts, metaphysics and spirituality), in order to empower people to live ecologically, heal and regenerate, and effect personal, local and global change 

  6. To be a hub for research on collective force fields and how they operate in individuals, relationships, collectives and beyond, and on the development of a collective intelligence that can consciously and constructively work with these energies 

  7. To achieve an atmosphere of grounded, embodied spiritual practice that “walks its talk” in all aspects of  life, manifesting in good will, sincerity, humour, sensitivity, service and accountability and care for the values and dynamics that sustain wholesome organisms and organizations