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Regarding Auroville Contribution
Please note: A contribution to Auroville's City Services is required

When are internships available?
Internships can be arranged throughout the year, if there is a fit between Vérité’s needs and the intern’s abilities. Auroville’s busy season is from December-April, but as we have limited guest rooms, our ability to host interns during those months depends upon room availability. May and June are typically our retreat months, when the guest house is closed and we focus on renovations. July and August tend to be rather slow and quiet. Regardless of when the internship begins and ends, the minimum time commitment for all internships is 30 hours per week for 3 months.

If there is no room availability in Vérité, are there still "active participation" options if I stay elsewhere in Auroville?
Yes! We need teachers and therapists (yoga teachers and massage therapists as well as other health practitioners and workshop facilitators), especially from December through March, the time when our guest rooms tend to be full. While foreign guests are legally prohibited from earning income in India, a share of the income generated from those activities can be channeled to any registered Auroville guest house to offset your living expenses.

What is the financial arrangement for an internship if I do live in Vérité?
In exchange for your work, you will receive a reduction on the rate of living in Vérité as follows:

What amenities are included in Vérité’s internship agreement?
Rates include three organic, vegetarian meals each day as well as laundry service three times a week. You'll have 24/7 access to the Vérité guest lounge, with phone and internet connection, and free use of a bicycle. As an intern you are also welcome to participate in Vérité’s classes and some workshops (during your free time) at no charge. Vérité offers a rare experience of living and working in a small but diverse intentional community, while also having the opportunity to interact with many visitors and guests from all over the world.