ThaiYoga Massage

with Andres


Thai Yoga Massage is used to unblock energy. This is achieved through pressure on the energy lines (Nadis) and movements of the body based on Yoga postures.

Brief bio:

Andres began to receive teachings of yoga since youth. Vegetarian since age 14. After being blessed with the opportunity of studying yoga in several places including Krishnamacharr Yoga Shala, Auroville, Dharma Yoga Center and an Ashram in India, he finally found his inspiration in the teachings of  Sri Dharma Mittra.

He is also certified in Yoga Thai Massage by the Sunshine Massage School and Therapy Thai Massage School.

Meditation is part of his practice, and he has completed courses in Vipassana meditation, Pranic Consciousness, and Vision Quest of the Native Americans. 

Andres dedicates his life to live and transmit the teachings and Love for Yoga around South America, India and Europe.