Craniosacral Therapy

with Mila


Craniosacral threapy uses gentle touch to the head to help release tension in the skull, spine and sacrum, freeing energy that can help reestablish integral balance, and stimulating the healing capacity of the body.

Brief bio:

Mila received her Craniosacral training with the Upledger Insitute (USA). She is also a certified Yoga teacher (1999, 2015) and an Ayurvedic therapist (2000).

Yoga Teacher by International Sivananda Vedanta (1999)

·         Ayurveda therapist diploma by the Ayurvedic Institute (New Mexico, USA - 2000)

·         Training on Craniosacral Therapy by Upledger Institute (2004)

·         Teaching yoga and running a yoga, ayurveda and therapy center (2000 – 2012)

·         Yoga Teacher by YogaPoint (Nashik, Pune – 2015)

·         Course on Integral Craniosacral Therapy (Auroville 2015)