Neurofeedback Therapy

with Chetna


Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback therapy is a training process that utilizes the body’s ability to self-regulate and seek balance. It is for all who want to relax, increase productivity and experience greater control over mind states.

"Neurofeedback works toward stabilizing the functioning of central nervous system. 19 non-invasive electrodes are connected to specific sites on scalp. This allows brain wave signals to be picked up from head and displayed on computer screen. Brainwaves received are then connected to multimedia. Client receives audio/visual feedback when appropriate brain wave pattern is present. Gradually the brain trains itself to healthier states. One session takes about 60-90 minutes.
Latest QEEG neurofeedback  and LORETA Neurofeedback modality is used for these sessions. QEEG refers to Quantitative Electroencephalograph.
The QEEG brain map gives vital information which helps identify over or under-active brain areas to train and to precisely track client s progress. By seeing which areas have abnormal activity, type of symptoms that one may be experiencing as a result can be predicted and matched. After analysing this, an individual specific neurofeedback training programme is made to help resolve the issue. 
Key Benefits: Optimal brain functioning, improved control of mind states, improved concentration, improved relaxation, better insight into how brain, thoughts and behaviour are interlinked, beneficial tool for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, headache and migraines.  
It is for all who want to experience greater control over mind states." 

Brief bio:

Chetna started her professional life as a Biomedical Engineer (M.Tech) and further enhanced her repertoire by becoming a Neurofeedback trainer, Counselor (M.SC Counseling Psychology), Certified NLP Practitioner and qualified NLP Psychotherapist. 

Personal statement:

“I believe the human body is the greatest “gadget”, and that it is through our bodies that we connect to our subconscious mind, which has innate capacities for inner peace, joy and effectiveness. 

I feel nature heals best, but today’s lifestyle provides very little relationship with nature. I continually strive towards blending mind training, brain function training and natural healing methods in my practice to enhance holistic living amidst conventional lifestyle.”