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“Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress and a youth that never ages.” - Charter of Auroville.

At the core of the Vérité experiment is the concept of a continuously evolving learning environment. Vérité's Integral Learning Center (ILC) promotes the sharing of positive capacities and skills that support conscious change, both personal and collective.
Vérité collaborates with teachers and facilitators from diverse disciplines, including: sustainability, personal growth, yoga, health and healing, mindfulness, meditation, organizational dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, counseling, education, arts and self expression.
Over the years, Vérité has hosted hundreds of Intensives, Yoga & Re-creation Sessions, meetings, trainings, conferences and cultural events. The combination of our guest facilities, healthy kitchen and program spaces makes Vérité a desirable venue for individual and groups coming to learn in and about Auroville. Individual health and healing sessions are offered in Vérité’s treatment rooms.
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Vérité is not a typical stand-alone Intensive center, but is integrated within the project of Auroville, with its mission to help build an international city for 50,000 people in rural Tamil Nadu. Throughout Auroville, the need for contribution is immense. Aurovilians are contributing substantial money, time, life experience, energy, faith and vision to the project.
The Integral Learning Centre in Vérité has been developed to support the personal and professional development of Aurovilians and Newcomers “pro bono” (i.e. they are not expected to contribute financially for the services they receive), and to build a bridge to the world, bringing opportunities for "unending education" to Auroville. Therefore it is also gratifying to provide opportunities for exchange with AV guests who take part in this dynamic aspect of Auroville life.
It is the contributions from guests that helps Vérité maintain its sustainable infrastructure and staff, make regular contributions to Auroville’s Central Fund, offset program expenses and offer thousands of hours of free services each year to those who are devoting their lives to Auroville.
Foreigners holding a tourist visa are, by Indian law, strictly not allowed to earn money while in India. For foreign presenters, a portion of income from guest contributions can be channeled towards offsetting guest house expenses provided it is an officially registered Auroville guest house.

Vérité Programming Code of Commitments Introduction

Vérité and Auroville are special settings for personal growth, development and healing work. This document expresses the values that guide Vérité in what it offers to the Auroville community and its guests. We ask all teachers and practitioners to care for themselves and their clients, with respect for the principles of Auroville, the customs of the local culture, and the civil law of the Indian government.
Ethical standards and responsibilities are described as commitments which our teachers and practitioners want to fulfill (Part I). The Support Process (Part II) describes a protocol for addressing any concerns that may arise in relation to Vérité’s programs or treatments.
As Auroville evolves closer to its ideals, we imagine that this kind of document will become obsolete. In the meantime, we recognize that a clear statement of commitments can help to establish an atmosphere of trust and security between Vérité’s teachers/practitioners and participants/clients.

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Vérité has two public spaces suitable for Yoga & Recreation Sessions, Intensives, trainings and other events. Both halls are equipped with sound systems, lights, fans, chairs, cushions, white and black boards, and yoga mats, blocks and straps.

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Vérité accommodates individual health and wellness sessions in its two treatment rooms:

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